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Undoing patriarchal business constructs obviously benefits women,

let's talk about how great it can be for men.


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    Our one-of-a kind leadership and team development programs help men let go of toxic leadership paradigms and develop new management skills.
    The end result will be a more efficient, happier workplace, a richer personal life and invariably, greater success for everyone.

    Who we are

    Over the past decade, the rise of the internet, globalization, covid and changing gender norms have created a seismic shift in the way business is conducted. We noticed that while the main focus has been on evolving women’s roles in business, men are being left behind.

    Impart was founded in 2019 to help men who are in and aspiring to leadership positions, to not only adapt to these changes, but thrive.

    We believe that letting go of toxic leadership paradigms and building on your own personal strengths results in a more collaborative, more inspired, more productive workplace, a richer personal life and less stress all around. To us, that is the true definition of success.

    Meet our team

    Gosia Rak
    Palo Alto, California, USA
    David Mendlewicz
    New York City, USA
    Max Takao
    Sillicon Valley, California
    Michel Khoury
    Palo Alto, California, USA
    Lesley Stern
    Antibes, France
    Palo Alto, California, USA
    Join us!
    Founder, master program designer, co-active coach
    Gosia designs programs for individuals and teams that accelerate their growth through commitment, creativity, joy, and conscious learning. She spent 15 years building teams and people operations for a wide range of companies from startups to global Fortune 500 corporations. Because the work took her around the world, Gosia developed a deep understanding of cultures and significant expertise at adapting to them. In 2019, she followed her dream and founded Impart with the belief that every individual’s growth is a journey of constant response to change and that leading with a more open-hearted, agile approach supports people to unlock new possibilities and reach their own fulfilment.
    She simply gets things done
    Californian Chardonnay
    Ai technology, feedback, team engagement
    David is not just an expert at building employee engagement and a better work environment through ai technology. He’s also an entrepreneur, with a few successful start ups under his belt.
    Able to communicate with technological geniuses and technological idiots alike
    Unable to communicate at all until he’s had his first cup of tea
    Office administration, troubleshooter
    Max knows his way around start ups, as he’s been networking within the innovative entrepreneur community for over a decade. He’s here to help everything to run more smoothly and efficiently for both us and our clients.
    Fast, thorough and never takes things personally
    (a trait some of us envy)

    Becomes unhinged
    at the sound of electronic music
    Innovation, technology alliances
    Michel has a PhD in physics, and at 34, already has more patents than most 70 year olds. Michel gives us the inside edge on technological advances that will improve how business is conducted because he’s the one inventing them.
    Incisive mind that cuts to the core of every issue
    Gummy bears
    Writer and aged Yoda-like figure
    Lesley used to be a writer/ creative director in advertising, back when it was fun. Now she freelances, blogs and lies around eating bonbons while reminiscing about the good old days…
    Sense of humor
    Emotional support, motivational barker
    Mango spreads joy wherever he goes. He’s still quite young, but is clearly a high achiever, having mastered “sit” and “lie down” at four months.
    Intense fear of vacuum cleaners
    Change the trajectory of people’s careers, starting with yours.

    We specialise in building leaders who challenge, inspire and foster a happy, healthy work environment. Naturally, we practice what we preach. We want our people to not only succeed, but to enjoy doing it. Which makes Impart a really nice place to work.

    If you’re interested in doing your best work in a relaxed, diverse, collaborative atmosphere, with design thinking method of work and plenty of opportunities for growth, drop us a line.

      PDF, JPG, 5Mb max

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